TWO - control two different parameters, one at a time (M4L)

music // Expensive Brother- Unreleased Tune


/ inspired by Itai Sternberg :)


STEPS - build your own In-N-Out KNOB device (m4l?)

people often come up with great ideas for new devices, or just want a device that does something they saw in one of their favourite plugins (or other DAWs).
most of the time, the answer to the question: “can you do that with live?” is:
"yeah.. i’m not sure.. but you can with max!"

ok, nice, sure, you can build anything with max, you probably even don’t know what kind of amazing things you’ll be able to do with it until you dive in.
but - you’ll have to learn max (which you should!). and it takes time.

yes. time.

now, someone probably thought about your idea before and made a device that is very similar to what you are looking for. all you have to do is search for it..

the thing is - you can make awesome stuff with live’s devices + m4l devices without having to know max in depth - you just need to know which devices you have and what they can do!
some of my devices started as m4l devices, but then i found a way to make the same thing only with ableton devices - for example jazz me, mirror, speed limit and chance.

so, here’s an idea:

a knob that can be assigned to anything, and has the ability to work only in a specific range, AND, can go both up and down as you move the controller:

i was inspired to make this tutorial after i saw Tom Cosm’s new device called MultiStage Knob. it’s really awesome, check it out here!

but until someone will build a m4l device dedicated to this ;) let’s use the tools we already have:


we need to ask ourselves which device can move something up and down with a turn of a knob - an Audio Effect Rack!
it can fade in and out an incoming audio, using Zones in the Chain section. cool.

  • put it in a MIDI track
  • open the Chain List section and create one chain
  • hit the Chain button
  • adjust the blue Zone as you like
  • map the Chain Selector Ruler to a Macro

    the easiest way to get a constant signal is to use an Operator (default preset).
    put it in before the Audio Effect Rack (1.)

  • turn the master Volume to “0dB”

    add a simple MIDI Clip to this track and insert a long note (i’m using 1 bar loop).

  • mute the track.

    now, which device can observe an audio signal and control parameters with that change?
    an Envelope Follower (Max for Live Audio Effects)
    simply add it after the two devices we already have:


  • launch the clip
  • map the Envelope Follower to any parameter
  • move the chain selector macro :)

    the Operator generates sound, the Audio Effect Rack takes this signal and fades it in and out according to the Zone section, and the Envelope Follower observes those changes and uses them to control any parameter.

  • give this track a name and simply drag-and-drop it into your browser, so you could add it to any live set in the future.

    THAT’S IT!

    enjoy! and as always, you can also download it HERE :)

    [update! - there is a device like this! sorry.. but hey, i hope this tutorial will inspire you to make more awesome devices;)]

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    THRESHOLD with NOTES - trigger MIDI notes with audio input (M4L)

    the main problem when using PEAKS&NOTES together is latency. you could lower it using Track Delay when producing, but, while playing live the results weren’t that good.

    i just realised that when i use THRESHOLD instead of PEAKS, latency is much lower! you should try it and tell me what you think :))

    here they are:


    THRESHOLD - sidechain parameters using audio gate (M4L)

    music // Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn



    TEMPO - transition to any bpm + launch next scene (M4L)

    music // Flume - Insane feat. Moon Holiday ; Michael Jackson - Billie Jean



    MOMENTARY_8 Pro - eight momentary switches (of everything) (M4L)

    use MIDI notes as momentary switches (gate), and map them to any parameter in your live set. now with new features!


    see the original post HERE



    FADE - cue to fade out any track (M4L)

    often when i prepare live sets for stage performances, i need to cue a fade-out action in a specific track, without using any faders or knobs.
    so, i made this simple M4L device witch allows you to trigger a fade-out action
    (+stop clips and reset the volume), using a single key (or midi) mapping

    simply set the track and the time, then hit the FADE button :)



    [update] - ONE & MOMENTARY_8 minor bug fixes

    there were some issues with ONE and MOMENTARY_8 and now they are fixed!

    PLEASE download both again from HERE

    cheers :))